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Company History

With over twenty years experience in the retail gas industry, our founders set out to create a wholesale fuel experience to better serve First Nations owners and communities. Founded in the spring of 2018, and followed shortly by the opening of our first blending center on the Six Nations of the Grand River territory, our second blending center was completed in the summer of 2020 on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. OTE’s goal is to expand across Canada to better serve more First Nations communities.

Health and Safety

We store and handle products that fuel our daily lives, yet can pose risk to health and the environment if handled inappropriately. We aim to take on this responsibility and provide clean storage and safe handling of these products now and for future generations.

Community Outreach

OTE has seen an opportunity to give back to First Nations by keeping funds and resources within our communities. We continue to push our community outreach program by creating jobs and donating to a variety of organizations that have a positive impact for our people and future generations.

Since OTE is a fuel supplier exclusively available to First Nations owners, we take pride in continuing the tradition of Nation to Nation trading. This allows us to connect our First Nations people so we can build and maintain strong relationships.

Our Locations

OTE main office

OTE Head Office
7273 Indian Line
Scotland, ON
Six Nations of the Grand River Territory
N0E 1R0

Six Nations Blending Center
7263 Indian Line
Scotland, ON
Six Nations of the Grand River Territory
N0E 1R0

OTE Tyendinaga Blending Center

Tyendinaga Blending Center
184 Industrial Park Rd
Shannonville, ON
Tyendinaga Mohawks of Bay of Quinte
K0K 3A0

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