Original Traders Energy offers high quality Gasolines and Diesel Fuels with unmatched customer service and 24/7 tank monitoring services to our First Nation customers across Ontario.


  • Regular Octane 87
  • Premium Octane 91
  • Clear Diesel
  • Dyed Diesel

Customer Service

  • OTE customers receive daily pricing
  • Accurate automated billing ensures your account is correct and current
  • Optional pre-authorized payments relieve some of the stress of paying bills
  • Our customers service team is dedicated to ensuring your business needs

OTE Logistics

Our fleet of tankers serve our customers 24/7. Our team manages tank levels and we offer 24/7 tank monitoring, eliminating the need to send in daily dips and ensuring you don’t run out of fuel.

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Original Traders Energy

Your First Nations Fuel Partner

Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, Ontario, Canada

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