OTE Donates to Chippewa of the Thames

July 22, 2020, Turtle Island News – Original Traders Energy (OTE) is not your average Fuel distributor. OTE has been serving southern Ontario’s First Nation communities for 2 years and has alway been committed to giving back to these communities.

Chippewa of the Thames is the latest community to receive a $50,000 donation from OTE. Chippewa of the Thames has a membership of 2400 with approx. 1200 on reserve and home to Bear Creek Gas Bar.

Bear Creek Gas Bar is one of, if not the largest First Nation Gas Bar in Canada and has been in operation in its currently location for 6 years with OTE being their fuel supplier for 2 years.

OTE Donates to Chippewas of the Thames
Stacey Stunden, Elena Cornelius, Scott Cornelius, Nicole Frank

Bear Creek owner Scott Cornelius say, “With OTE I don’t have to worry about ordering fuel every day or hoping it gets here on time, OTE automatically keeps us full”.

When asked what the donation means to the First Nation, Owner Scott Cornelius says “This is a greak acknowledgement from our supplier, you don’t see this and no one has ever done this for us. With a lot of the community underfunded this will help out a lot.”

Chief Frances says “this is a significant donation and is greatly appreciated” Currently there ar no plans yet for the funds but Chief Frances does know that the community will have input and wants the funds used for something beneficial to all members of the First Nation.

Along with the donation to the First Nation, OTE donated $10,000 towards a Fireworks show that Bear Creek hosting on Saturday July 12th which Scott feels “brought the community back together”.

OTE Donates to Chippewas of the Thames
Chief Jacqueline French, Stacey Stunden, Elena Cornelius, Bear Creek Staff Member, Scott Hill

Speaking on behalf of OTE, Scott Hill says “It means a lot to have First Nation gas stations taking a chance on OTE in such a competitive industry. We have a lot of value-added features that we have to do to try get an edge but at the end of the day if the service and pricing isn’t ther then we know it’s going to be tough to keep clients. From the initial planning stages of OTE we always knew that giving back to the communities that we are involved in is a big part of who we are. We will continue to put back in where we can”.

This won’t be the last we hear of Bear Creek Gas Bar as Scott has big plans to bring the business to Chippewa of the Thames, with a carwash and a new building in the future.

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